About Me

For those who do not know it yet, the first and the most important thing you need to start correct crocheting is to GET A CAT. Once you have one / or two / or … You can start downloading and enjoying my Free and Paid beautiful crochet patterns, mainly SHAWLS, SCARFS and BLANKETS.

I am inspired by the colours and feel of nature and dense animal life vastly present around where I live. The patterns complexity varies and they are suitable as for the beginners as well as advanced crochet masters. Still the patterns are mainly really nice and relaxing leaving space to enjoy your leasure time with crochet, music, movie, family.

Enjoy and Thank you!

I am from Slovakia.

Crocheting since 2004. Creating patterns since 2015.

Lucia STEPANKOVA / CrochetbyLucka

Enjoy. Spread and share if you like the patterns. Thank you.

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